Upcoming Events Mar 27 - Apr 2

Upcoming Events Mar 27 - Apr 2

Upcoming Events: Mar 27 – Apr 2

We hope everyone is doing ok and staying safe during this pandemic. On Tuesday, the city of Austin and Travis county issued a shelter-in-place order closing all non-essential businesses until April 13. Concerts and shows are still canceled until May 1.

Updates are coming in about shows being rescheduled and new shows being booked. They say it could be 3-6 months before things get back to normal, so we’re still going to hold off on posting new shows. We’ve seen shows as far out as August getting canceled.

Some performers are taking to their shows online and live-streaming on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Zoom… wherever they can. We’re trying to keep up with everything and share the online events on our Facebook page. Unfortunately, if they are live-streaming through their personal accounts and not their band or performer pages we won’t be able to post it.

Video: Twin Lovers

We’ve got a new video up on our YouTube channel featuring Twin Lovers. They call themselves sci-fi pop, but we like them because they play dark and moody electronic music. Our own Rob Jim caught up with Twin Lovers’ Markus and Melissa at the Mantis Salon’s Black Heart gallery opening party back in February to film their live performance and talk about their music and influences.

Check out the video and subscribe to our channel.