Upcoming Events: February 2021

Upcoming Events: February 2021

It’s the first week of February Austin and Travis County businesses, including restaurants and retail, are now permitted to move to 75% occupancy from 50% occupancy as of January 30, because the city and county’s hospitals aren’t as packed as they were earlier last month. However, Austin and Travis County are still in Stage 5 restrictions.

Stage five recommendations include:

  • No gatherings with anyone outside of your household
  • Dining and shopping should be limited to essential trips
  • Avoid non-essential travel
  • Businesses are recommended to operate through contactless options (I.e. curbside, delivery)

Here’s What’s Going On

We are still not recommending you go out to shows. Especially on 6th street where the out-of-towners are packing the bars and streets without masks spreading the COVID. If you do want to catch a show in person here are the places currently having in-person concerts.

  • Come and Take It Live
  • The Far Out Lounge and Stage
  • Hole in the Wall
  • Empire Control Room

Like we said above, we are not recommending i-person shows, so check the calendar for the detailed show listings. CATIL has punk and metal shows each week, and the Far Out Lounge has a few punk and metal shows here and there, with some odd pairings of metal and punk bands with singer-songwriters and country bands (what’s up with that?!). You will notice that we are not listing the shows at Empire or Hole in the Wall. Empire is mainly having pop music and cover bands, and we do not list cover band shows. HITW is mostly having country music and singer-songwriters. When both venues start hosting events for our dark-alternative community we’ll list them.

I know we are all getting burned out on virtual events, but if you miss going to Elysium, each week you can check out DJ Neph and Minimus for their livestreamed DJ sets and parties. There are not a lot of virtual band shows happening this month, but we’ll add them as they come up.

If you are in to horror, the Drafthouse is having screenings of Dracula, Blade and Candyman. The Drafthouse is getting good marks for keeping theaters safe and clean, so it might be worth going there and escaping reality for a minute.

Secret Oktober is celebrating their 17th anniversary. Due to COVID restrictions they won’t be having the usual party, but will be having a sale. Yarrow & Sage is hosting several events including the return of the Austin Witches’ Market. Bloody Rose Boutique is partnering with the Tigress Pub and Righteous Retro and hosting outdoor screenings every third Sunday starting this month when they’ll be showing The Lost Boys.

Visit the calendar to see all the events coming up this month and beyond.

Be careful. Be smart. Be safe.

Nosferatu Festival 2021 Update

Last month we told you about our film festival winners. We are not exactly ready to announce the performers yet, but because the festival is virtual we have performers from all across the US and all over the world participating. Make sure to follow the Nosferatu Festival event on Facebook because we will be announcing all the performances soon! The online streaming event will be held online March 5th, 6th & 7th.

Stay tuned for more details…

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