Upcoming Events Jun 5 - Jun 11

Upcoming Events: June 5-11

George Floyd and Racism

We are going to get back to our regular programming in just a sec. But first, we have a couple more things to say.

The protests in support of George Floyd and against police brutality towards people of color, and in support of #blacklivesmatter continue here in Austin and now around the world. It amazing to see large and small governments across the world listening to the people and passing laws against racism and discrimination and affecting change. Unfortunately, that’s not happening here at home. We still have legislators of a certain bent that refuse to come out against racism, or discrimination, and won’t even make lynching illegal!

We encourage you to continue to keep your minds and hearts open, and be understanding of the pain that not just members of our own alternative community are going through, but that of the entire black community. Things are not going to be solved with a few Instagram posts. It’s up to each of us to get educated, be better and be more inclusive human beings. And, if our legislators won’t listen to us and come out against racism and discrimination then we need to vote them out. If you are not already registered to vote go to https://www.votetexas.gov and get yourself registered, and then vote for real change this November.


Austin Slowly Reopens

This week the pandemic rules were relaxed even more. While most business, including bars can open at reduced capacity with table service, many are choosing to remain closed over concerns of spreading COVID-19, some are opening modified hours, some are remaining closed in support of the protests. Of all the venues only Come and Take It Live is having shows. A lot of the bands we know are still not ready to play in this climate, and as you can see from the list below, a lot of the venues just aren’t ready, either.

We are still working on the new artists section of the website. We are still waiting on some details from the different artist before we open it up. Stay Tuned.

Here’s our definitive list of who is open and closed as of June 5, minus the touristy bars, of course. If you choose to go out to a bar, be safe. Like we said above, some people are behaving like jerks.

Food & Drink

  • 4th Tap – open by reservation only, Thursday-Saturday 12pm-9pm, no shows
  • The Brixton – out of business
  • Carousel Lounge – open
  • Casino el Camino – open
  • Drinks Lounge – remains closed
  • Independence Brewing – order online beer to go, hosting livestreams
  • Kick Butt – open for food and coffee, takeout only, no shows
  • The Parlor – open for food, takeout only
  • Skull Mechanix – taproom is open, no shows
  • Spiderhouse Ballroom – food court open, check the food truck schedules
  • St. Elmo’s Brewing – take out beers, order online, no shows


  • 13th Floor – remains closed, hosting livestreams
  • Barracuda – remains closed, hosting livestreams
  • Cheer Up Charlies – remains closed
  • Come and Take it Live – bar open with shows resuming
  • The Continental Club – – remains closed
  • Dirty Dog Bar – status unknown
  • Dozen Street – owner sold the building, unknown if reopening in new location
  • Elysium – remains closed
  • Emo’s – remains closed, events canceled through August 1
  • Flamingo Cantina – remains closed, hosting livestreams
  • Hole in the Wall – remains closed, hosting livestreams
  • Hotel Vegas – open for food and drinks, takeout only
  • Lost Well – remains closed
  • Love Goat – remains closed
  • Mohawk – remains closed
  • The North Door – remains closed, hosting online events
  • Swan Dive – remains closed, hosting livestreams
  • Texas Mist – open Tues-Sat 4-10
  • Texas Rollergirls – no updates
  • TXRD – season canceled
  • Valhalla – remains closed


  • Austin Ghost Tours – virtual tours, and tour of the town of Sprinkle only
  • Alamo Drafthouse – closed, online movie rentals
  • Haunted ATX – private tours and small groups
  • I Luv Video – remains closed
  • Museum of the Weird – open
  • Vulcan Video – out of business


  • Aaron’s Rock & Roll – remains closed
  • Antone’s Record Shop – open for curbside pickup Mon, Weds, Fri 12-3pm
  • Apparition Skateboards – open
  • Austin Books & Comics – open modified hours, limited capacity, curbside pickup available
  • Bloody Rose Boutique – open weekends, modified hours and by appointment, limited capacity, curbside pickup available
  • Breakaway Records – curbside pickup Wed, Fri & Sun from 12-5pm
  • Curia Arcanum – open weekends by appointment only
  • End of an Ear – remains closed
  • Glass Coffin – open weekends, modified hours, limited capacity
  • Guzu Gallery – open modified hours, limited capacity
  • Hempton’s Retro Threads – open modified hours
  • Medusa Skates – open modified hours
  • No-Comply Skate Shop –  pick up with online orders or window service
  • Secret October – open in a new location, 5318 Menchaca Road, open modified hours
  • Sir Rat Leather – open with curbside and delivery available
  • Yarrow & Sage – reopening June 5th, modified hours, limited capacity
  • Zucchini Kill – open weekends modified hours, order online for pickup

Some people have asked why certain places aren’t included on our site, like many of the ones on this list. The answer is simply: they don’t represent the darker side of Austin. Our mission is to recommend the places dedicated to goth, punk, metal and the dark alternative and events of interest to our community. We are actually going to add a few of the places listed above to the guide. As much as we all like to go to some of the places listed above, many of them cater to us one day a week or a month or only for certain special events. You can find those events on the calendar, but we’re not going to add a place that mostly caters to normal people as a rule rather than the exception.