Upcoming Events Jan 2021

Upcoming Events: January 2021

Sorry we haven’t been posting about the upcoming events the past few months. We have had a difficult time keeping up with the livestream events and who is open and hosting live events. Some venues have stopped listing their livestreams, while other haven’t bothered to update which shows are canceled or rescheduled, and some bands and performers are listing their livestreams on their personal pages that aren’t open to the public. We’re sure you’ve noticed it, too. It’s probably because we are all burning out and wanting to get back to normal.

Getting back to normal?

There are now some bars and clubs in Austin where you can hang out and drink or see shows, but there are very few. Plus, we are all struggling to decide whether or not to go out and risk getting infected or to continue to stay home and eat endless takeout and watch seemingly non-stop livestreams.

While cities like San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas are opening up and having shows, they also have the highest infection and death rates in the state. Austin remains cautious, with many restrictions dining and entertainment, and remains mostly closed. And, Austin is maintaining a much lower infection and death rate than those cities.

Whether you decide to go out or stay in, there are things to do. We made a ton of updates on the calendar this week, both virtual and in-person events. If you choose to go out to a bar or club to see a show, please remember that those are the places with the highest virus transmission rates and greater likelihood of catching the virus.

Be careful. Be smart. Be safe.

We’re not going to give you our picks this time around. Visit the calendar to see all the events coming up this month and beyond.

Nosferatu Festival 2021

We are excited to be working with Gore Noir Magazine to plan Nosferatu Festival 2021. The event will be held online March 5th, 6th & 7th. This year, in addition to the great bands, sideshow acts, burlesque and drag performers, and vendors you have come to expect, this year we added a short film festival.

Short Film Contest Winners

We had submissions from all over the world. You’ll be able to see the winning shorts on the livestream, Follow the event on Facebook. Stay tuned for more details…

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