Upcoming Events - June 2020

Upcoming Events: June 2020

It’s been a crazy couple months. We’re all trying to get through this the best we can. The city and state are slowly opening up and we have people going around without masks coughing and sneezing on other people and being jerks. And, in the past couple days Austin has joined in the many cities protesting the death of George Floyd, police brutality towards people of color, and in support of #blacklivesmatter.

We were going to update you on the status of where you can eat, drink and shop to support the local small businesses that still need our help to survive the pandemic and financial crisis. We’ll get back to them in a couple days. There’s a lot more important things happening right now, and worrying about upcoming events and where to eat, drink and shop is probably the last thing on people’s minds right now.

We’re going to press pause for a couple days and reflect on the important things happening around us and hope that those jerks going around trying to infect people start doing the right thing and look out for each other instead of themselves, and that the protests keep increasing awareness and bring about the much needed change.


Stay strong, Austin.