Upcoming Events May 2022

Upcoming Events: May 2022

Well, after Nosferatu Festival, March and April got away from us and we skipped the update, but we did keep the calendar up-to-date. If you follow us on Instagram you know we promote different Austin businesses in addition to shows. Not all of them are appropriate for Darker Side of Austin, but we did add two of them to the listing section: Package Menswear and The Austin Séance.

Package Menswear may not be an obvious choice for listing on the site, but they have been in business in Austin for over 30 years. In addition to carrying a great selection of fetish gear for men, they put on fetish shows around Austin. As for The Austin Séance… do we really have to explain?

As far as shows go, there is a bunch going on, but it’s looking like some venues we can count on for goth, punk, metal, or dark alternative are going mainstream. You’ll notice that we have fewer shows listed for Valhalla. They used to have punk and metal every Thurs, Fri, Sat, and Sun. Valhalla is now booking country, mainstream alternative, and pop music a couple nights a week.

Here are some of the events we are looking forward to in May:

  • Cancerslug at Kick Butt Coffee
  • HR from Bad Brains at Kick Butt Coffee
  • World Dracula Day at The Glass Coffin
  • Blood Over Texas: Fright Gallery 3
  • Front Line Assembly at Elysium

There’s a ton more. Check out the calendar for everything goth, punk, metal, and dark alternative, industrial, drag, burlesque.

Are we missing something?

Are we missing anything? Know of a bar or club that is open that we don’t have listed? Are we missing an event? Submit a tip!