Upcoming Events May 2021

Upcoming Events: May 2021

It’s May, and more and more businesses are reopening. Valhalla is back with live music, but not to be confused with a new bar also called Valhalla on the west side. As of today, Mohawk and Elysium are still closed, but they are actively working on reopening. Barracuda closed last year but you might be able to own a piece of the club. They are selling off everything from furniture to fixtures. Check out their Instagram for details. Last month a new goth night popped up at Crow Bar on South Congress. They kept it pretty hush-hush and promoted through some person’s Instagram and not through any of the bar’s official socials. We’ll be keeping an eye out to see if they will be hosting more goth events and let you know what’s up. Austin has a new oddities shop! The Austin Oddities Parlour by Bossities opened recently. Check out their listing in the Shopping category. And, coming soon to the East Side on 6th Street is City Alchemist, an occult book and candle shop. They are slowly making progress on the new space. We’ll let you know when they open.

We added tons of events for May, June and July. Besides all the metal shows at CATIL, Monday Metal continues at Jackalope South, a new fetish-themed night is opening at Oilcan Harry’s, there are a bunch of new drag shows at various places, Drafthouse is screening Hedwig, Monster Squad, Escape from New York and They Live. Check the calendar for the detailed listings.

Here are some places to get a drink or catch a non-live punk, goth, metal music or drag, fetish or burlesque events.

  • The Lost Well
  • Jackalope South Shore
  • Drink’s Lounge
  • Oilcan Harry’s
  • Iron Bear
  • Halcyon

If you want to catch a show in person here are the places currently having in-person concerts.

  • Come and Take It Live
  • The Far Out Lounge and Stage
  • Hole in the Wall
  • Empire Control Room
  • Jester King Brewery
  • Hotel Vegas/Volstead Lounge
  • Valhalla
  • Independence Brewing
  • Emo’s
  • 3Ten ACL LIve
  • ACL Live at Moody Theater

Are We Missing Something?

Are we missing anything? Know of a bar or club that is open that we don’t have listed? Are we missing an event? Submit a tip!


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