Upcoming Events Jan 2023

Upcoming Events Jan 2023

Upcoming Events: January 2023

It’s January and that means Free Week is happening! A multi-genre event, Free Week takes place the first weekend of the month at virtually all the bars and clubs along Red River Street. There are tons of free shows and we highlighted the ones that are most interesting to us below. One show we are very excited for is the return of Austin punk legends, the Krum Bums!

Here’s a question for you: What do you think of multi-genre shows at clubs? For example, you go to a show and the lineup is an electronic band, a country band, and a metal band. If you’re like us you’re annoyed that you paid 10 bucks only to leave after one band. This is happening more often at several venues here in Austin. We did not list quite a few shows because of this.

Here’s some events we are looking forward to in January:

  • Free Week: In A Darkened Room, Sin and Seraphim, Vestite at Elysium – Jan 5
  • Stuck on 45, Inflatable Baptists, Cruel Summer TX, Amber Eye at Kick Butt Coffee – Jan 6
  • Free Week: Sailor Poon, Being Dead, Orvy, Transy Warhol at Chess Club – Jan 7
  • Koffin Kats at Kick BUtt Coffee – Jan 14
  • Krum Bums w/ Peace Decay, Liberty & Justice and Nerve – Jan 19

There’s more great things happening, of course. As always we’ll be updating the calendar weekly.

– S.A. Sebastian

Nosferatu Festival Update

Nosferatu Festival introduces a new format with a Daywalker Bazaar and Nightstalker Parties for 2023!

Nosferatu Festival 2023
Nosferatu Festival 2023

During the day we take over Come and Take It Live with 24+ vendors, drinks, food, vampire short film contest entries, contests, and photo ops!

The NIghtstalker Parties take place over 3 days at Kick Butt Coffee. We start Friday with the kick off party, and once the Daywalker Bazaar ends Saturday and Sunday you’ll have some time to get yourself together before the Nightstalker Parties start.

Weekend passes & VIP tickets get you into both the Daywalker Bazaar & the Nightstalker Parties!

Short Film Festival Winners

We had lots of entries from all over the world and it was not easy picking winners. The Count won the whole thing and got 1st place, followed by LucyXMina in 2nd place and First Girl in 3rd place. These and the winners of the past years will be screened on Saturday and Sunday at the Daywalker Bazaar at Come and Take It Live.

Festival is Feb 24-26 and tickets are on sale now. Bands, DJs, burlesque and sideshow performer announcements are coming soon!

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