Upcoming Events August 2021

Upcoming Events: August 2021

Well, it’s August and we have lots of new shows and events on the calendar. However, the COVID-19 wave that was predicted at the beginning of the year is finally here. As infections and hospitalizations from the coronavirus go up going every day Travis county and Austin are in Stage 4 risk guidelines and mask are back. This means, “Masking is recommended indoors for everyone, regardless of vaccination status. Cases and hospitalizations continue to increase in Travis County as new variants, such as the Delta variant, spread throughout the community.” Read more about the guidelines here. Having said that, if you are going to go shows and events, be safe out there. Vaccinated people may have a lower risk of getting infected, but they can carry and transmit the virus to other people.

Here’s what’s happening

Throughout July we made a lot of updates to the calendar adding over 100 events from July through March or April 2022. Here are our highlights and picks for August.

  • Valhalla continues to have punk and metal shows every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
  • Kick Butt’s calendar is filling up with one or two shows a week. We’re looking forward to the Worm Suicide release party and the big Ska Nightmare show.
  • Come and Take It Live has shows almost every day. We’re looking forward to seeing our friends the Immortalz (full disclosure, also one of our advertisers!) and Tarantula Mountain with Ole Creepy, and Faster Pussycat, and the return of Skunkfest on August 26th and 27th!
  • The Lost Well has their 8th Anniversary festival on the 13th, 14th and 15th featuring some great metal and punk bands like Goatwwhore, Riverboat Gamblers, Starving Wolves and Sorted Scoundrels.
  • Pride Parade is happening downtown on August 14th with the official after party at Oilcan Harry’s immediately following the parade.
  • Oilcan Harry’s has Sir Rat Leather’s Kinky Bingo and a bunch of drag shows. We’ve only highlighted the darker, less pop-oriented ones in the calendar.

There’s a ton more. Check out the event page to see everything.

Nosferatu Festival 2022 Update

Planning for next year’s Nosferatu Festival is coming along. For 2022 we have bands, burlesque, sideshow, vendors, games, plus the vampire short film festival that we introduced this year and a new a special effects makeup contest! Early submissions for the vampire short film festival are coming in and they are looking pretty cool. If you are a filmmaker, the deadline to get your vampire short film in for consideration is Dec. 1. We’ll be announcing the Special FX makeup contest details soon. If you are a special FX makeup artist and want to participate in the contest stay tuned for details. We will also have twice the amount of vendors than we had in previous years. Vendor spots are almost sold. If you are a vendor specializing in vampire or horror merch or art and are interested in vending, head over to https://nosferatufestival.com to apply.

We’ll be announcing the lineup and releasing early bird tickets soonish. follow Nosferatu Festival on Instagram and Facebook for all the announcements.

Are we missing something?

Are we missing anything? Know of a bar or club that is open that we don’t have listed? Are we missing an event? Submit a tip!